Infinite Edge Learning Center is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I honestly don’t know how I’d get straight A’s in school if it wasn’t for Mr. Jabbari and Ozra. Coming here helped keep up with my work and also made me ahead in my classes. I never knew I needed to strengthen my math until I got here, they helped me catch up in math and master it. Thank you Infinite Edge Learning Center for making me want to strive to success :)!” Anoud Fetais

I love Infinite Edge. The SAT tutors have some of the greatest minds I have ever met. They helped me a lot in improving my SAT scores and preparing for both SAT Math and English” Corbin Ryan of Freedom High School

Infinite Edge is the best thing ever. Mr. Jabbari helps me and now I am learning math 2 grades above my grade level. He makes it so easy to understand. I will be here for a long time. I am with Infinite Edge for 3 years.” Njhari Jackson

I got the help I needed to get the best scores I can get. The teachers were very helpful, especially Mr. Sohbi. The people make a good atmosphere to study and work hard.” Youssef El. Toukhy

Infinite Edge has taught me a lot about what areas to work on and has helped me get better scores in English and Math.” Kristopher Sealy

I think that Infinite Edge is a great place. They help you in everything. It was helping me for about 3 years now and I saw a big difference in my grades. They help you in every single thing you have right in time. Infinite Edge is the right place you want to be in. They will help you get your grades up fast. It is a wonderful place. It is the place you want to be in today. Infinite Edge will always be amazing.” Noor Fetais

I have been attending tutoring sessions at Infinite Edge Learning Center since the beginning of my sophomore year in high school. I started taking lessons with Mr. Jabbari because I chose to take the more rigorous math class and needed help understanding the problems. Through his help, I managed to get straight A’s in math last year. He was extremely helpful in explaining the problems in a clear and concise manner. After a lesson with Mr. Jabbari, I knew I would be prepared for math for the next week. One on one lessons allowed me to receive the individual attention that I needed.” Rennia Rodney

Infinite Edge is an amazing place where anyone can come and learn from great, experienced teachers. It is unlike any other place; here there are teachers who teach you what you want to learn and prepare you for tests, AP exams and quizzes. When I first joined, I was skeptical of how it would be and what I’d want to learn. Then on the first day I was greeted jubilantly by Mr. Jabbari. Then when I completed the classes I was glad that I had joined.” Mr. Raj Warner


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